Since the beginning of Covid-19, we’ve worked with clients like you to tailor a video package to fit the constantly evolving state of the world. While weddings may look a bit different these days, video is now more important than ever to retell the story of your wedding and/or live stream it to guests unable to attend.


  • We must comply with current guidelines from the State of Illinois, so we are not able to honor any requests that violate those orders and we maintain right to refuse services if your currently booked services does not adhere to them.
  • We’re happy to work with you on a no fee rescheduling plan should you decide change your wedding date after booking.
  • Any cancellation requests will be handled on a case by case basis and may be subject to additional fees or penalties.


  • All of our on-site staff will be self monitoring for symptoms and taking regular Covid-19 tests when appropriate.
  • All of our on-site staff will be wearing face coverings and maintaining social distancing throughout your event.
  • If vendor meals will be provided, we request you seat vendors in a different room from rest of your guests.
  • For any contact that may be needed (i.e. putting on clip on microphones for Ceremony), we’ll work with you in advance on a plan that is comfortable for you and our on-site staff. Some example options include providing a pre- sanitized microphone for you to put on yourself, using a microphone on a stand instead of clip on, or other no contact audio options that may fit situational requirements.