Our community of talent is always growing. Instead of relying on one person being an expert videographer, planner and editor, our specialists work in a collaborative team. Since everyone at Smiling Toad works together seamlessly, final video quality is always consistent.

When your wedding package details are finalized, we match you with the best professionals that have experience with your ceremony and reception venues along with your wedding style. We work together to give you a cinematic film that includes all the details you have envisioned for your wedding day.


John Severson graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in 2004 with degrees in Anthropology and Film. His passion for film has taken him all over the world, from Vietnam to Zanzibar.

Along with his education, John brings the eye of a documentarian. His experience gives him the ability to take all of your ideas and translate them to film. John’s professionalism and preparedness makes the entire process simple and stress-free.

John is a Chicagoland native. After graduating and traveling, he returned back to Chicago’s Lakeview and South Loop neighborhoods. In 2009, he married his wife Sarah, and moved back to their native Oak Park to raise their two children, Stella and George.

John is always available to chat with you about your ideas and answer any questions. He’s excited getting to know you as a couple and share your vision for your wedding day.

Aksel | Videographer

My two big loves are Filmmaking and learning about different cultures. Shooting weddings allows me to do both.

Doyle | Videographer

Doyle | Videographer

I was born in Puerto Rico and lived there until five years old. I then grew up in Utah. PR → UT…I am a Utahrican.


Garrett | Videographer

What makes life wonderful is being able to create content and capture time in ways that bring feeling to the world.

Ryan Turner

Ryan | Videographer

I believe video is a powerful tool to capture special experiences for those who live it, but also because it allows others to visit times and moments to which they’ve missed. For this reason, video is a powerful craft for weddings.

Sandra | Videographer

Sandra | Videographer

Dance was my first passion and I originally wanted to be a professional. I was convinced to change paths so something that would be more secure in case I injure myself, especially with age hah! That’s when I found film and the magic of it.


Rudy | Videographer

I love to use my camera to capture and remember great moments.


Bruce | Videographer

Because of my love of movies—I see the world in a rectangular frame.


Antonio | Videographer

There’s no limit on the things you can do with a camera.


Grecia | Videographer

I love the effect my films have on people.


Kayla | Videographer

Capturing authentic moments that tell stories is my goal.

David | Drone Operator

David | Drone Operator

Honesty always gets my attention. Not particularly someone who is honest to me, but someone who is honest with themselves.

Edelberto “Ed” | Editor

Edelberto “Ed” | Editor

I love my two daughters and black coffee. And even after a full day of creating movies, I still love to sit down and watch one every day.

George | Editor

Digital nomad in search for own place under the sun (and the palm trees).


Paul | Editor

With weddings, I can craft stories of couples that will last a lifetime.


Dexter | Editor

I love to edit and explore the world around me.


Matt | Editor

I’m just a storyteller following my passion.


Andrea | Director of Marketing

I love working with other entrepreneurs and creatives to help them look good.

Amie | Writer & Designer

Amie | Writer & Designer

I’m always happiest working and creating with Wendell, my rescue pup, by my side. Mutts are my favorite breed.

Marissa | Production Coordinator

Team Member since 2018
My first ever NFL game was Super Bowl LII! Go Birds!

Mathew | Videographer

Matthew | Videographer

Team Member since 2016
I love shooting weddings because I enjoy the opportunity to capture beautiful, high quality moments that people can watch for the rest of their lives. It’s great to end each shoot with basically a dance party and I always look forward to ending on some good beats.

Christopher | Videographer

Team Member since 2013
I love the candid moments between the bridal party when they think we aren’t capturing their jokes and excitement.